Corning Invitational Results

Twenty eight elementary wrestlers attended the Corning Invitational on January 12. Gators definitely brought the swamp! with us!! We had a total of 11 Golds, 4 Silver and 3 Bronze medals! Wooot!!

First place finishers included Zach Zwinger, David Rudkin, Nathan Harris, Adam Jones, Ethan Jones, Liam Hanford, Alex Pimentel, Xavier Gower, Gilbert Tiffee,  Xavier Smith, and Zach Soto.Look Up!

We had both wrestlers in the finals of two brackets with hard fought Gator Battles being duked out.  In the 50lb K-1 bracket Adam Jones’ took gold while Ricardo Velazquez took silver.  I think we are gonna see more of those two battling it out!   Cane Roullett and Nathan scrapped away in the 2nd/3rd 60lbs. Those two find themselves in the finals often and this was another tough one…Nathan bled…it was awesome! as Cane picked up another silver for us. Reed Thomas and Trintin Farrell nabbed two more silver along the way.

Cole Farrell, Alex Rudkin, and Alex Santoyo finished things off with bronze all around. Alex Rudkin picked up our last medal before we hit the door after a very long day!


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