Gator Invitational

gator tug-26

Wow! An awesome Gator Invitational yesterday!! A LOT of hard work! Parents and wrestlers… everyone stepped up and worked together and put on a great tournament! I heard the word in the crowd was that it was the best event this year! Great crowd, great wrestling! organized! best food, done in good time! We have been redeemed! It was a great Gator day!

And here they are – Official Gator Invitational Results

First Place – Adam Jones, David Rudkin, Xavier Gower, Mere Chavez and Bobby McCoy.

Second Place – Ricardo Velazquez, Nathan, “NayNay” Harris, Cane Roullett, Liam Hanfgator-42ord, Derrell Stansberry, and Zach Soto.

Third Place – Tyler Tate, Zachariah Zwinger, Austin Moreno, Alex Santoyo and Jake Stiemsma.

Fourth Place – Trintin Farrell


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